Incarnational Healing has revitalized every aspect of my entire being - body, mind, and spirit.  Using a unique blend of natural techniques, Dr. Kim has lovingly helped me to untwist some long-held beliefs that had been keeping me from my true potential.  By re-writing my story from God's perspective, I have reclaimed my freedom and am now thriving at life.  Go see Dr. Kim; it will change everything!



Your book is special to me because of its good content and provocative thesis that God made us in such a way as to point us to Him and grow us through the trials and joys of our bodies.



I'm so thankful for you!! You've changed my life so much for the better and I will be forever grateful.



 I came to visit you a little over two years ago. You literally have changed my life. You ran a gluten test on me and I have now stayed away from from gluten for almost two years along with diary. Thank you for all of your help always!



The debilitating fatigue that controlled my life for 5 years had been pronounced undiagnosable by eight different doctors: internists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists. I'd been to two different therapists to prove it wasn't "all in my head". I'd been told that I just needed to lose weight, and received a ruling that the pain above my kidneys was because I was too tall (I'm 5'11"). I took my packet of blood work to Incarnate, totally unsure about this whole "holistic medicine" thing, but knowing that God was calling me to keep searching for an answer. Dr. Kim Schmidt sat down with me, looked at the same blood work that had baffled 8 doctors, and immediately made a list of about 10 symptoms we could start treating with nutrition and supplements, following it up with 5 or so potential underlying causes for which we could test. When the results came back, I had a clear answer: I knew what was wrong and Dr. Kim knew how to treat it. Not only that, but as time passed, she continued to study new research and was able to bring into play the latest medical information to help me get better faster. It has not been an overnight fix or a magic pill, but 5 years later, I have moved from total dependence on family finances to working a full-time job in my field, renting my own apartment, and even having the extra energy to be active in my parish. The correct diagnosis of our genetic condition saved my younger sister before her symptoms became as profound as mine. In time, I've left behind my suspicion of Dr. Kim's whole-person approach and come to appreciate the insights into my emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I have even found myself sitting in Eucharistic Adoration asking God, "I have an ache in my knee: what are You trying to tell me?"…and getting an answer!



I am, and have been, blown away by your ability to intuit things about me that have never occurred to me and the fact that those things ring true, amazingly true.  However you get there, it's a wonderful ability and one that I would like to use.  I would like to continue this relationship into the future. Thank you so much for your insight and intuition.  You are truly a gifted woman and I appreciate, immensely, all that you have to give and all that you are.  I don't think that for many others I am such an easy person to deal with but my interactions with you have felt easy and tremendously fruitful.  Really, thank you.



I am truly amazed at how you've implemented body testing both within our sessions, and within the sessions of the previous clients we've shared.  Back in the day when working with the clients, I've always felt as if I was "cheating" off of someone's work.  When the clients would come back from one of your sessions, I would find that the notes from those sessions were more fruitful (in my opinion) than what months (if not years) of what counseling could achieve.  Needless to say, I am very interested in learning more about body testing techniques.



I'm just having one of those moments of great thankfulness for you and the work you do.  You have helped me make such a difference in my life and my issues, and I know you have done that for so many others.  Just feeling really blessed to know you, and especially to have you as a friend.



Thanks for sharing your gifts!  I believe yesterday's session was especially significant.  I feel the change, and I'm starting to walk through the forgiveness of every single person that comes to mind.



Thank you so much.  I know you are doing the Lord’s work!

-Fr. Michael


I have to say thank you so much! Since you showed us the meditative prayer and the forgiveness prayer, it has now become my primary form of therapy and my sessions at the Veterans' Center have become an adjunct (even with EMDR). It really has changed the way I approach old wounds and how I deal with new challenges attached to those. God Bless you in your work.



I found the forgiveness prayer and your email led to a lot of released emotions and a good cry. I will be using it frequently. Your in depth care and thought means the world to me, something I have felt I have lacked from doctors.  From the bottom of my heart I have eternal gratitude.



Thank you, Dr. Kim, for your loving heart, your inquiring and open mind, and your beautiful work. I know ours are just two of the many lives that your work has profoundly touched.



I never cease to be amazed at the ways God uses you to speak truth and encouragement into my life. We have learned so much from your perspective on life and the way you challenge us to relate with God. The tools you have taught us and the insights you have shared have truly and deeply changed us to the very core of who we are, and we are grateful God chose this path for us!! We love and appreciate you so much and are excited to see how God will continue to use you to change the world you encounter. Thank you so much!!



I have thought of you often and felt such gratitude for you…for your friendship and all the growth and healing you’ve guided me through from the first day I met you. You have a very special gift and I know you cherish it dearly-God only places certain gifts in the hands of those he trusts. Thank you for sharing your time with me and helping me through so many things.



I wanted to thank you for your time and insights. You offer a wonderful ministry! There is not doubt that God wants us to become whole in body and soul! I love my new orthotics!



Thank you, Lady. You are a beautiful blessing from God.



We are absolutely amazed with the results of your work. Your passion for your ministry and the way you run your practice are incredible. We are so thankful that God brought you into our lives!



Thank you SO VERY MUCH for the last healing session. It was a total surprise that, for an incident that I have no actual physical recollection, I seem to have a LOT of emotional recollection which had been coloring a lot of my life. I am truly grateful and looking forward to more healing.



I will never be able to repay you for your care, concern and healing.



I want to sincerely thank you and thank God for the dedication to healing that you share with your patients-and the rest of the world. I appreciate too, your determination in getting me to your door, as well as getting me out of a brain crisis. Please know, Dr. Kim, how blessed I feel to have met you and to be under your care! I look forward to my next appointment.



Thank you so much for the great work that you did for me. My stomach has never felt this good and I’m getting much better at spiritual Judo.



I’m not sure if I ever thanked you for the Ft. Collins seminar back in September. I really loved that and immediately started using the techniques we learned. So, thank you for all you taught us. I need to review my notes and continue on. I’ve learned so much from you!



Again, thank you for your ministry, for saying “yes” to your gift. Maria was ecstatic! She wanted to take her pills right away. Yes, we are still in the age of “miracles”.



I was and still am very grateful for your ministry to me during the week I was in Colorado. Thank you so very much for doing the kind of work you do! It’s life transforming for me.



I thank you for being God’s instrument to help me come from brokenness to healing.



I appreciated the time on the phone. Thank you for sharing your gift. You truly are a blessing!



The work that you are doing is such a wonderful gift, and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work with you.



I wanted to thank you for all that you do for our family. You are such an awesome woman and I am so glad that God brought you into our lives. You have helped us to understand how God is involved in every little detail in our lives and talking to us ALL the time. What a gift!



I just want to thank you for your healing care these past few months. After my Thursday visit, not only was my back alignment adjusted, but I felt significantly “lighter”, perhaps from releasing some of the burdens my body has been carrying around.



I feel like words are not coming to mind and hand to write how special you made me feel. I appreciate you and your big, kind, generous heart. The way you listen and your strong, confident, gentle voice and all your other talents you have that makes you the wonderful doctor and fellow human being that brings healing to your patients. You work on healing from the outside in, but especially the inside out. Thank you with all my heart!



Thanks for assisting me in my healing process. I appreciate you and your willingness to go to the deeper level in the way of the Lord.



Dr. Kim has helped me tremendously to understand and alleviate the underlying causes of the pain I’ve had in my body, specifically back, knees, hip, foot, and shoulder. Her approach addresses emotional and spiritual aspects of health, as well as the physical. This deep work into the causes of illness has been very beneficial to me. And I am healing from things that I never imagined were affecting my health.



Dr. Kim has provided new ways for me to view health. She speaks not only from a cellular view but also from a spiritual view. While I have always known they are connected, Dr. Kim puts things in everyday language that can be used & incorporated for healing. I would definitely recommend her practice & will continue to be a patient.



Through the services offered at Incarnate I have been set on a path for healing, both physically and spiritually. I couldn’t have asked for a greater gift from a doctor.



I have been a patient of Dr. Kim’s for nearly 20 years. During that time she has provided extremely competent, gentle, and thorough care. She has seen me successfully through some intense health and emotional issues. Dr. Kim has a great sense of humor and takes a personal interest in her patients. She is always updating her skills, and she is on the cutting edge of her field. She has been accommodating with my personal schedule when scheduling appointments. I am confident that I receive the very best level of care from Dr. Kim every time that I see her.



Dr. Kim’s approach is impressive. She digs deep to find the real roots and supports a transformed life. A couple visits helped me find more freedom and joy (and health) over time than I previously experienced on a regular basis. Feels expensive up front, but well worth both the money and the work.



Dr Kim has been my chiropractor for 7 years now and I could not be more impressed. She is not a ‘bone cruncher’ chiropractor like others that I have seen and her technique works wonders. I have seen her for many ailments from infertility to sinus infections and have seen better results than if I go to a medical doctor, and best of all she treats ‘me’ not a symptom or with what would treat ‘most’ people but rather with what I need. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a healthy body, mind and soul!



You always have time to give me in an “emergency” I can call and if you can’t help me immediately, you will get back to me ASAP. You are always right on with your advice. How do you know what questions to ask? Your treatment is always right on. You keep me healthy, body, mind and soul. Thank You.






Dr. Schmidt has excellent knowledge of the body’s system and how it should perform according to the way God placed it together, and offers an alternative direction of healing not just the body, but also the mind and soul through her knowledge of natural medicine and counseling.



I find the information helpful. It makes me want to do better things for my health. I want to make better choices.



Dr. Kim is awesome.



I love experiencing God’s heart through the information I receive during Dr. Kim’s office visits!



Thanks for the appointment. It was very helpful, as in the past, to release things that have been stored in my body for way too long!



Dr. Kim, your care is exemplary. You take the time to explain things so clearly and you challenge me to live my faith in profound and wonderful ways.



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