Parables of the Flesh


Parables of the Flesh; The Lover’s Pursuit of His Bride is available now!


Of all of the beautiful things to do in this world, there is none more essential than to know yourself, and to know your God. Only then can you truly have union with him. Only then can your life become the glorious dance with your Creator that it was intended to be. Parables was written with this goal in mind. You’ll be taken on a grand tour of your body that explores the rich symbolism and poetry that was woven into your flesh at your creation. You’ll come to understand the sweetness of a God who enfleshes his words spoken to your heart. You’ll come to see everything that ever happens to you as his love notes that are intended to soften your walls and win your love for all eternity.


Parables includes questions to help you to explore your ideas before and after the topic is presented. There are also a great many questions to assist you in probing your heart and your life as deeply as you care to go. Parables is the perfect choice for a group or couple study, marriage preparation, spiritual growth and healing, physical healing, even a high school biology or theology adjunct. It is for anyone who ever wondered why…


On sale for $15.99 each or $10.00 each for orders of 5 or more, through our office only!



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