Matrix Repatterning

When you experience an impact trauma, which could include a fall, sports injury, car accident, concussion, or broken bone, the body will do its best to dissipate the energy of the impact. What it cannot dissipate, it will absorb into the tissues. This undiffused energy causes uncoiling in collagen fibers in the matrix of the bone. The bones enlarge locally as a result of this uncoiling. They become misshapen, tender to touch, and the connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves surrounding them become taught.


Matrix Repatterning is a cutting-edge technique to reduce or eliminate this localized expansion, and allow the bones, soft tissues, and organs to relax again. Imagine holding onto a grudge, then suddenly allowing the anger and stress to melt away.

Instead of adjusting the joints or massaging and strengthening the muscles, we’re actually re-shaping the bones and giving the muscles a shorter distance to cover! The results are pretty amazing!



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