Functional Genomics

The Human Genome Project lasted from 1990-2003 and succeeded in mapping out the human genome from a physical and a functional perspective. What this means for you, is that since 2003, we have been doing research on how those genes affect all the chemistry that happens in our bodies. We now know how different genetic variants impact the way the body digests, reacts to or absorbs nutrients, detoxifies, creates energy, makes hormones and neurotransmitters, reacts to stress, and so much more. Although each of us remains an individual, patterns can be seen in how we react to our environment based on our genetics.


We now can gather a saliva sample (through a secure medical company where your information will not ever be shared) and generate a 70-page report on the implications of that information. This is information that is actionable. You can choose to modify your diet, lifestyle, take supplements or work through the emotional blocks keeping you from manifesting the best possible options in your DNA. You’ll find out how your body is genetically predisposed to handle gluten, diary and coffee, if you are set up for autoimmunity, if your mitochondria will have a harder time functioning, if you are unable to methylate, absorb vitamin B12, or convert beta carotene into Vitamin A, if you need extra Vitamin D, if detoxification or making serotonin or dopamine is harder for you, if you have a hard time degrading stress chemicals or histamines, or will react badly to NSAIDS.


Once we have this information, I can review it with you and set you up with recommendations and supplements that will optimize your genetic code. We’ll talk about mental tools to help you navigate the parts of life you struggle with and make sure you understand the diet that will make you feel best. You’ll understand more about yourself and your family than ever before.



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