Forms and Handouts

New Patient Intake Form

  • Download and fill out this form, save the filled out copy to your desktop, and email me the saved copy, or print it off and bring it in with you to your first appointment.

Methylation Cycle

  • Download this visual if we are reviewing your genetic report so you can follow along.

Paleo Diet Guidelines

  • This is a short synopsis of the Paleo Diet as well as the Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP).

Whole 30 Program Rules

  • Go AIP for 30 days.

High Histamine, Oxalate, and Legume Foods

  • Helpful lists of potentially problematic foods

Forgiveness Prayer

  • A great tool for letting go of past hurts

FAST-NET Handout

  • DIY for emotional resets

How EMFs Impact Your Health

  • Electromagnetic Frequencies are becoming an increasing threat to our health. Learn what you can to to protect your health.

Immune Quiz

  • This quiz can be used to grade your immune response and target support.

Tooth Chart

  • This chart shows the connections between different teeth and the organs they are associated with. We address teeth in Matrix Repatterning, and it is helpful to understand the implications for your overall health.


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