Dynamic Muscle Work

Muscular tension usually dissipates with Matrix Repatterning, but sometimes we need to reset the neurological or kinetic chain. The brain can keep one or a chain of muscles or fascia tight because it doesn’t “update” the program following a trauma. In these cases, we use muscle and fascia techniques to help the brain reset to the current musculoskeletal needs.


Dynamic Trigger Point Therapy


This involves brief, deep pressure on muscle nodules while the patient engages the muscle and moves it in different directions. This is done sequentially for all the muscles involved in the kinetic chain.


Dynamic Fascial Release


We engage the joints in the kinetic chain and maintain tension on them as we allow the fascia to unwind and release the potential energy it contains.


Injury Recall Technique


This work releases the initial trauma response the body stores from the moment the injury occurred.



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